Outdoor Access Points

Outdoor Access Points

The outdoor solutions offers a wide range of solution for stadium , open area. The outdoor Access points can survive all weather.Ruckus zoneflex T300 outdoor access point.

Bridge Point to Point

This Provides an answer to area which are far apart and doing cabling is hard, the bridge are mounted point to point to provide internet from one area to another. They are easy to deploy and configure. i.e. Ruckus zoneflex P300.

Central Management

The solution comes with controller for managing the Access points centrally, the system are usually easy to configure with zero configuration option.i.e Ruckus 1200 series, Ruckus 3000 series, Ruckus 5000 series, Ruckus Smartzone.

Remote Management

The solution offered have an option to remotely manage the Wireless Network, either from a Phone or a Laptop. This improves its efficiency